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Support our cinema to get free movies, and goodies. All membership levels comes with a free tote bag and a specific number of movie tickets you can use per month any way you choose. 

Some films or special events may be excluded for member tickets | Unused tickets do not roll over per month | Membership is valid one year from purchase

Gold Member

$750 Annually
Wanna see everything we have to offer? This is your stop. This tier includes two passes to every single regularly scheduled screening we offer, including our monthly concept series, new releases, and second-run films, so you and a buddy can see anything you’d like. PLUS - You get 20% off all special event admission, including live music and touring films, as well as 20% off swag.

  • 2 passes to every regularly scheduled screening for a year. [$2,000+ value]
  • 20% off special events
  • 20% off merchandise
  • Invite to film selection polls
  • Tote bag

Silver Member

$500 Annually

Got a crew you want to take with? Maybe family movie nights? Corporate bonding exercise? For $500/year, you get 10 passes every month to use how you’d like. See 10 films by yourself, or bring your nine closest friends to jeer at Steven Seagal - it’s up to you. PLUS - All swag is 20% off, so you can deck yourself out to the nines.

  • 10 passes per month [120 per year - $1,200 value]
  • 20% off merchandise
  • Invite to film selection polls
  • Tote bag

Bronze Member

$250 Annually

For $250/year, you get four passes every month to our regularly scheduled screenings. It’s like a subscription date-night program, for about $10 a night! Alternatively, take yourself out twice as often for half the price. Plus, you get a swanky tote. It’s a win-win.

  • 4 passes per month [48 per year - $480 value]
  • Invite to film selection polls
  • Tote bag


It’s cool, we know films aren’t for everyone. But we also know that supporting your local punk microcinema IS for everyone, and you want to be a part of it. $50 will get you a swanky tote, a hearty thank you, and relief from judgment by your peers for not liking sitting in a dark room surrounded by strangers.

  • No movie passes provided
  • Tote Bag
  • Emotional relief

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Pop's Art Theater

Showing films daily, films screen Fri-Thurs. Open 30mins before the first showing of the day.
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Rochester, MN 55901
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